So my first blog post…..

I’m a complete amateur at this! So right now I’m thinking of what to write listening to Beyoncé blow..with my new copy of The Unmumsy Mum sitting beside me. Elsa is fast asleep in bed and the hubby is you guessed it on Xbox.

I have had my instagram for a while and I have enjoyed starting my instablog but I saw other mummys writing blogs and thought it would be something for me. So here we go…

I’m thinking new blog post twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays to start with. Maybe  more posts if it has been a busy week. We love our family adventures so it may happen a lot.

If you are on instagram my name on there is the same as on here @mummy_and_her_princess I do post a lot so be prepared for a lot of Norfolk photos and cute baby spam haha. Ill be making a snapchat to go with this soon! So I can start snapvlogging, I’ve seen a lot of people do it and I want to have a go.

Right I think that will do for tonight, I have to go to bed to be up early for my little princess oh, and I’ve got to start reading The Unmumsy Mum! I can’t wait I’ve heard such good things about it.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog post.

My Next one will be late Sunday as we have baby model of the year on sunday so wish us luck!

Rebecca xx


Oh I nearly forgot the photo above was taken by me at Burnham Overy Saithe




4 thoughts on “So my first blog post…..

  1. Great to have a new mummy blog to enjoy. I’ve just started out too. Being a mum makes for plenty of writing content!!

    Enjoy and looking forward to the next post xx


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