It’s the weekend so that can only mean one thing….

Ekk!! We are so excited for tomorrow, for those who don’t follow me on Insta, Elsa has got a very important day. It’s the child model of the year final!

I know I said I would post on Sundays and Wednesday but I have no idea how busy I will be tomorrow. It means leaving early to go pick up Nanny Julie and then the long drive to Lowestoft. I might vlog on the way there and maybe a bit during, I don’t thinking I can contain my excitement honestly! We have never done anything like this before with Elsa. I did a bit of modelling before I had Elsa but nothing huge.

Me and Elsa are off to Nannys today ( I think im going to have to do a blog post about family as people are going to get confused) or a new page on my blog called Introducing the family!! That maybe a task for the long drive tomorrow.

Also I swear my writing music is going to be Queen B (Beyoncé) Yet again I’m  sat here listening to her. I mean she is an inspiration and complete GOALS!!

Right I must go..Elsa has just trapped her fingers in the door….

Remember another new blog tomorrow night with the results of the model of the year!!!




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