Hectic – A word to describe the last 2 days!!

Where to begin?

“How tiring can it be to do a pagent with a toddler?”

The answer is very! Trust me.

Even though I was completely shattered by the end of it, Sunday was amazing. The photos we have seen ( which are only a few compared to what were taken) are brilliant and we can’t wait to see the rest! Elsa didn’t win but it doesn’t matter because the experience of doing a pagent is unbelievable. The people you meet and the opportunities from it are what count.

Bring on next year.

If anyone is interested like The Kerri Parker academy on Facebook

Then we come to today (monday) my little brother has officially started high school! I have sat there and thought where the heck have the past 11 years gone. Then it hits me. Elsa starts playgroup next term!!!

I don’t think I’m prepared for her to, I mean the peace and quiet will be lovely but it’s dawning on me that she is no longer a baby. After today I have also come to the conclusion that Elsa is going through the terrible 2s! I came to this conclusion after she  smashed Nanny’s vase and rugby tackled Rory. Maybe it was something she ate? But no. The time has come. The terrible 2s is here and months early.

We have swimming tomorrow so that should tire Elsa out (hopefully).

I’ll blog again tomorrow as we picked up some bargains today and I want to do a thrift blog about it tomorrow night.

Hope you enjoyed this blog!





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