Just a little bit Toy story obsessed!

This year Toy story celebrate their 20 year anniversary, I know scary! but in our house it’s just like it’s a new release. Elsa is completely obsessed with it, we have had tantrums because I’ve wanted to watch telly and not that film for once!

The one problem we have is that the new toys are expensive and second hand ones are hard to come by and they go very quickly when they are for sale. Me and Jonny went to Comic Con a couple of months ago and we managed to get an original Woody for £10.  Then a couple of weeks ago we won a Jessie at the arcade for 20p! We brought a Bullseye for a couple of quid. We went to a carboot and found a Rex for £2 and yesterday we brought a buzz for £8!  I love a good bargain!!

oh, and Nanny brought Elsa an interactive lot-so today which was half price in Argos!  He smells of strawberrys and talks back and says loads of phases. He’s brilliant!

I mean who doesn’t love Toy story, well any Disney film but when it is on repeat all day and night it gets a little bit boring, haha.  I think I’m the only one with a child that gets so obsessed over one program?!

Although Elsa is starting to love The Good Dinosaur. So that will be the next big craze in our house!

If anyone knows of any good websites for toy story things (literally anything) let me know in the comments please  🙂





One thought on “Just a little bit Toy story obsessed!

  1. Toy Story 3 was the first film we took Boo to see at the cinema. She loved it! Unfortunately, the following week she got booked to model for Disney Store for their in-store Christmas video. All the kids sat on set opening Christmas presents and Boo’s contained a Lotso bear. Well, she took one look at it and threw it down in disgust!!! Who’d want the baddie of the film?!?! Unfortunately Disney must have REALLY wanted to promote those bears as that was the bit that stayed in the video! Thankfully the edit made it seem better than it was, but it was definitely a hairy moment. 😂


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