My first Instashop Wednesday post!

My new feature is Instashop Wednesday, i’ll be featuring 3 beautiful shops that are on instagram.

This weeks featured pages are Luna’s baby boutique , Fae’s bowtique and Fia’s original vintage.

Luna’s baby boutique sells gorgeous clothes, hair accessories and gifts. You can find her at   as well as on her instagram lunasbabyboutique . The clothes are absolutely beautiful, if you love Spanish style baby clothes then you need to visit one of her pages!   Its a one stop shop, with boy and girls clothes, shoes, hair accessories and gifts. You could some serious Christmas shopping! They also have for Christmas the popular Elf on a Self.  Wish I had found this shop while I was looking for Elsa’s model of the year outfits!

Fae’s Bowtique as you can tell  by the name  she sells everything bows! Fae’s Bowtique is the first Instashop Elsa is a Brand Rep for and we love it. Their bows are beautiful and there are so many different ones to choose from, I have such a hard time choosing which ones to buy Elsa. You can find Fae’s bowtique on their Instagram page faes_bowtique. The bows are loved by little girls and mummys (trust me I’ve worn some of Elsa’s especially the head bands!) Their pricing is brilliant and if your looking for something different when  it comes to Christmas ( I know, I keep mentioning it but so many people have started shopping) they do surprise boxes  or a bow advent calendar, I’ve ordered Elsa’s and I’am so excited to receive it. Its personalised and full of beautiful bows and a special one for Christmas day!

Fia’s Original Vintage sells vintage baby hat clips, if you don’t know what they are you seriously need to check out their page on Instagram! They are little straw hats that have cute little flowers and ribbon bows on  then they have a clip so they just clip in your little girls hair. I’ve never seen anything like them before. There is loads of different colours and patterns to pick from, they would be brilliant for Harvest festival or Easter celebrations. All baby hat clips are handmade and have a pretty vintage look about them. Any vintage lovers dream! Perfect baby shower present for someone having a baby girl that loves original vintage items! Their Instagram page is fias_original_vintage_

I hope you like my 3 picks this week 🙂

IF you would like to be featured next Wednesday then please email me or message me on instagram. 







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