What’s been going on?

Hi everyone!

Over the last couple of days some big things have happened. Firstly dad got a new car so Elsa got to have a drive in grandad’s car to take Rory to the hospital for a check up. The Dr are very pleased with him. Dad is very pleased with his new car aswell,it’s a lovely brand spanking new Nissan X-trail in a lovely petrol blue colour! Looks like we will be going everywhere with Grandad now.

I’m so proud of our little Rory,the hospital are very pleased with him and its only been two weeks since he had his tonsils and adenoids out. He’s a tough little cookie.

We have also been talking to a lovely lady from a well known magazine to be featured about Rory and Elsa!! We will know by next week if it is going ahead but they seem really keen to do the story. Hoping they do because it will be amazing to raise awareness of Down Syndrome and Hirschsprung’s disease. I will do a blog soon all about Rory, it may be a long one so I should think it will go up on a Sunday when I have more time to write.

Also starting next week will be my new reviewing blog posts. I will be reviewing baby items as well as beauty items, I have a few items ready to be reviewed so that should be ready next week. I’ve got so much to post on this blog, I’m going to be so busy.

My Instagram has a new logo that has gone up tonight, its been a crazy couple of days so I thought it would be the best time to release it. I’ve gained so many new friends and followers since doing my blog. If I could give anyone advice about doing a blog it would be go for it! Honestly I love writing my blog now!

As I write this  Jonny is putting Princess Elsa to bed so it’s time for me to finish this blog off and drink my cup of tea, finish watching Hollyoaks first look and then go to bed to read more of The Unmumsy mum, which I’m loving so far! When I’ve finshed I will put a review up as loads of people have asked for one. 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed my blog tonight, my next one will be up on Sunday




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