Sunday Funday – 11/09/16

If you also live in Norfolk you may have heard that from the 8th- 11th September they were celebrating history and heritage  all over Norfolk. There were loads of events. We took advantage to the free day at Gressenhall Workhouse and museum. We went a couple of weeks ago as I won tickets, but we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take the babies to see the farm again.  The history of Gressenhall is amazing and children love the farm. Due to today being a free event there were ALOT of people! but we were still able to see everything and enjoy the day.  There is a café and picnic areas, a shop and a huge play park which children love.  It is a brilliant place if  your children like history as they have  made learning about the workhouse very interactive with dressing up and loads of history based activities. Around the farm is a sticker trail, so when they have collected all the stickers they can claim a badge from the gift shop. Admission price for Gressenhall is about pricey in my eyes, with an adult at £11.50 a child at £9.80 and family of 2 adults and all children at £38.50. They do seem to have events on every month though so could be worth going then.

Also for the heritage weekend they were opening up  Narbrough bone mill. Unfortunately mum didn’t read the booklet properly and we tried to go in on a day that it wasn’t open, but instead we ended up at Narbrough Hall.  We found it by chance and if you ever are in Narbrough you seriously need to go and have a look! It is a beautiful hall and the gardens are amazing, in the gardens near the lake is a beautiful treehouse. There are walks in the woodland, round the hall and in the walled gardens. The hall also has a restaurant and serves afternoon teas and Sunday roast. Perfect as the hall and grounds are only open on Sundays  between 11am and 4pm.

After a day of adventure we then stopped off for a bite to eat in Kings Lynn then we stopped off at a park to tire the babies out and it worked, Elsa is about to go to bed!

We are all shattered after today so it’s bedtime for this mummy!





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