Something everyone needs to know….

Last week on channel 4 they showed a programme called Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

On the programme they showed a little boy called Leyton,  who sadly died after choking on plastic cufflinks.  It was a hard hitting programme but it goes to show that everyone should know how to do basic first aid. Leyton’s dad  did a first aid as he did a first aid course 2 weeks prior to the tragedy. So this opens the question, how many people know basic first aid not just on a child but on anyone of any age?

It’s something everyone should know, it can be a matter of life or death in some situations. On this morning today they showed how to administer basic first aid to children. also how to stop someone from choking

These are both very important videos and everyone should watch them!

Alternatively visit the Resuscitation Council (UK)

Its better to do something then nothing!





One thought on “Something everyone needs to know….

  1. If definitely recommend a course. I’ve done a couple of paediatric-specific courses and although (thankfully) I haven’t had to put them into practice, I did feel better for taking them.


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