Basically it’s feeling like the same shit different day…

Sorry for the swearing in my image and title but for anyone that knows me will know that I’m a mummy who swears probably to much considering I have a toddler! oopps….

The last couple of days or so have been…to be honest quite boring! It’s been since Wednesday. On Wednesday I got called to the doctors as my Dr wanted to talk to me about my health, since last October I have had a really bad back. The pain has been spreading to other parts of my body too, I’ve been knackered all the time and just felt generally crap (me thinking it was due to the fact I have a terror toddler named Elsa) I have had loads of tests, all came back with nothing of concern, was seen by a chiropractor and didn’t help ( if anything he made it 100% worse) We had no idea what it could be, the pain was getting worse and I was on more and more tablets, which I hate taking! Then BINGO!! We finally have found the cause, Fibromyalgia!! Finally a diagnosis, don’t get me wrong I’m not happy about having it but to finally know what it is! So it is just a wait now to sort out what medication is best to manage it as its not curable but is manageable and to get a appointment through the post to see the rheumatology department at the hospital . I will keep you all updated! If you want to know more about Fibromyalgia then visit:

Then there was the big Rory news…..He’s going to be in Woman’s Own magazine along side a few more beauties with Ds. It’s such a big thing and might open a few doors for Rory in the future. You never know what will happen in the future or even right around the corner. But keep your eyes peeled for our little superstar! I will post a picture of the magazine when it comes out, we are still not 100% sure on the date yet but will do a big coming soon post will all the details!

I have also received some more of Elsa’s modelling photos from The Kerri Parker Academy child model of the year competition. So get ready for some Elsa spam on my Instagram! I have to show them off, I see them and I can’t help but have a proud mummy moment!

Blogging for me this week has been slow even though it has been boring week, my tiredness has  been a complete bitch and crept up on me. We have Elsa’s bedtime routine perfect now, off to bed at 8 then asleep within 20 minutes normally then mummy is in bed and sleep by 9. Then wake up at 6/6.30 but no, due to my good old mate Mr Fibro I have been shattered. Fingers crossed I can get some more written up on Monday and Tuesday so I have so blogs ready to go for when I am needing an early one.

Now my bed is calling me so this mummy is signing off!




P.s there wont be many blogs between the 3rd and 7th October as we are on our family hols to Butlins but there will be a big one on the Saturday after if I’m not to worn out!




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