This weeks featured small shop is….Diddle Pigs!

Right so as you read in the title this weeks featured shop is Diddle Pigs. Their products are sold on their website but they also have Instagram (diddlepigs). On their bio on Instagram it says ‘Bright and colourful gifts for the little light in your life #lovediddlepigs’ If you are familiar with the brand you will know that statement couldn’t be more true! They really are bright and I love it!

Their website and Instagram both are very eye-catching, I mean who doesn’t love a bright layout with cute little babies in even cuter outfits and gifts?!!  Their website looks the part too, the layout is really good and everything is easy to find. Looking at their website their products are very well priced and anyone would be so excited to receive a package from Diddle Pigs.


Now their products…

On their website they have a ‘brand’s tab where you can find brands such as:

  • Nod London – Cutest baby grows!
  • Kite Clothing – When I looked under this tab my bank card hid up!
  • Toby Tiger – Amazing organic clothing
  • Lara & Ollie – Brilliant invention! Teething necklaces and bracelets! Where is my bank card?!!
  • Lil’ Cubs – Baby swaddles in cool patterns!
  • Pebble Toys – COMING SOON!
  • Best Years – Organic Knitted toys
  • Chrissy Gaskall Designs – Everyone’s favourite milestone cards. Really need to find my bank card now!

Diddle Pigs really do have everything for the little light in your life. They started in September 2016 and are based in Suffolk. Under the ‘about us’ tab on their website they have added all about their ‘mission’. They want parents to have a hassle free shopping experience by incorporating fun and practical products as well as  delivering excellent customer service. This is why I have picked them to be featured this week, their products are brilliant and they also have a great work ethic.

If you want to connect with them they have Facebook :


Instagram: diddlepigs

So there are loads of ways to spread the word of this fantastic shop. You get 10% off with your first order and free UK delivery with orders over £15 and free returns. I’ve looked at their Instagram to write this feature and all of the feedback they have received has been great and they are known for their personal touch and amazing gift wrapping skills.


Diddle Pigs is the perfect online shop to visit for that birthday, christening, new baby or baby shower present or if we don’t think it is too early then it is also perfect for Christmas! And if you do buy anything and on social media then remember to post it and tag Diddle Pigs and use the #lovediddlepigs for a chance to be featured on their social media pages. Seriously though if you are on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram then give them a like or a follow and be up to date with all the baby fashion.

Time for my favourite product!

This time was so hard to pick my favourite product from a website full of things that I love! But it has to be the Lara & Ollie Teething necklaces and bracelets. They are so unique and just down right cool! They are in all kinds of funky colours and just by looking at them no one would know that they are actually for your baby to chew on. They are the perfect fashion accessory for any mumma!

Diddle Pigs for me gets a 10 out for 10 not just for their products but their all over work ethic! I’m going to recommend them to everyone I know with a baby/toddler.

Thank you for reading this weeks featured small shop!

If you would like to be featured next week or in the coming weeks then email me at or message me on Instagram.





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