Why I started the blog and Instagram?

When you write a blog you do get asked a lot of questions? Why do you do it? What do you get out of it? How did you get in to it? When do you get time to do it?

Questions people ask when I first say ‘oh yeah, I have a brilliant blog and you should go and have a read when you have 5 minutes peace’. I even find myself asking the questions when I’m sitting there brain storming about things to write. So why am I doing it?

Well…I guess it’s because I want to get out there, being a mum can to be honest be boring and lonely at times. Times like when you are sitting in front of the telly watching something like Paw Patrol ( You know the same kiddy rubbish) your child sitting there quietly and your just day dreaming about what your going to have for tea tomorrow night, you could be joining a network of amazing mums who, like you could be watching the same children’s program for the 3 day running. But no they are out there writing a blog about how their day is or what their ambitions are or just a funny thing  their toddler did to the pet cat!

I started on Instagram and it is a great platform to begin with, post regularly and  like loads of posts and you will soon be well away with followers then once you have an audience then begin your blog. Think of a name and maybe a logo! Who your target audience is and what you would like to talk about. Buy a note book and brain storm or just scribble notes down. I have done it all!

When I started my blog I honestly didn’t know if I would  carry on and a month down the line and I love writing blogs, I have a archive or blogs ready to go when my Fibromyalgia is playing up and I can’t sit at my computer for hours. My goal is to review more products, beauty and baby products! I have made loads of new friends since starting this and I can’t wait for the next thing round the corner!

Good luck to anyone wanting to start blogging, you will love it!





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