Is it too soon to talk about the C word?

By that I mean Christmas!

I look through my Facebook or Instagram and I see pictures that other parents have uploaded of all the Christmas presents they have brought, It honestly makes me want to curl in to a ball and cry.

As it stands I have brought one present. Its nearly October and I have got one present in the spare room for Christmas it is a book from ‘Santa’. A book!

That’s it.

Normally I am organised…this year not so much. I’m pretty sure its because this year has gone way to quick and then it was the first of September and BAM. You walk in to a supermarket and they have got all the selection b0xes and tinsel out. I don’t even  have a list of things to get yet and I probably won’t for a long time, there’s the holiday then Halloween then fireworks then it’s Christmas so this year for me might just be a mad rush!

How much crimbo shopping have you done? or do you have any tips for organised Christmas shopping?

I need help!




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