Introducing…Fae’s Bowtique

This weeks featured shop is Fae’s Bowtique. It is the first Instagram shop that Elsa has been a brand rep for, she gets sent loads of gorgeous bows and head bands and then models them, it’s a great job!

I haven’t seen a bow as yet that I don’t love! They are all so pretty and they are a great price. You can find Fae’s Bowtique on Instagram as well as Facebook, just search the name and it will pop up.

If you are stuck for choice why not order a surprise box, they start at £10 for 4 bows, £15 for 6 bows and £20 for 10 bows. It would make the best birthday or Christmas present. The other price list is:


Fae’s Bowtique order books are open at the moment so get your order in before the mad Halloween or Christmas rush. As we are talking about Christmas why not order a special personalised bow advent calendar (last day to order is 30th September, so hurry up) . These are priced at  £30 for 25 bows. Each one will be different and will include ATLEAST 3 character bows! Choose from clips, bobbles or a mixture of both! They are extra special and any little girl would love one!

I’ve found delivery time to be really quick and they have come really well packaged. The bows have come wrapped in tissue and I’ve had no issue with there being any damage. Elsa is always excited to recieve a Fae’s Bowtique package through the post.


All the bows we have recieved have been beautifully handmade and you can see that alot of love, care and detail is put in to every single bow. Elsa wore the coral pink one in the above photo for the final of child model of the year 2016  and we got complemented on how gorgeous it looked in Elsa’s hair.  I don’t think any bow would be hard to make for Fae’s Bowtique as they seem to have it all.  We love being a brand rep and can’t wait to recieve our  advent calendar!





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