It’s the first of October…

To lots of people it is just the 1st of October but to us it means that it’s the first day of Down Syndrome Awareness month. Throughout the month I will be writing post all about Ds and how it affects us and what we have been through.

Firstly I want to show you my tattoo for Rory.

facebook-20160927-094518This picture was taken about 2 minutes after me and mum got them (yes, my mum got it done at the same time!) It didn’t really hurt and took minutes to do. We got these done on World Down Syndrome Day which is also mums birthday (March 21st or 21.3) marking the 3 21st chromosomes that causes Ds. That is what the tattoo means. Rory has 3 of the 21st chromosome instead of the 2 which we have.

I looked at loads of different tattoos before getting this one but I have 2 already and yet have no coloured ones so for me I wanted no colour which can be difficult to get a awareness tattoo that doesn’t have any colour, it would just look like a ribbon. So I looked for ages then came up with this  one and wanted it from the day I drew it up with mum. We drew it on the back of an envelope one day and then we just fell in love with the design.

facebook-20160927-094525And of course Rory paid loads of attention to the fact that I had just been tattooed just for him! haha!





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