Blogger’s Envy!

I’ve done some research!!

I’ve looked at a lot of blogs lately. I thought it would be a good idea to find myself some new bloggers/Instabloggers to follow. I’ve found some great ones but I have also found myself having ‘blogger’s Envy’, the green eyed blogging monster which has emerged from the cave in which it lived! You know what I mean, those mummy blog (will just bloggers in general) who have 10 thousand + followers or who make money from writing blogs. I sat there after looking at these blogs and thought why can’t that be me?! What am I doing wrong?! (apart from only doing it for a month).

I would love for my blog to become a ‘full time’ thing, if I knew what that meant. How can you have the time to do anything full time when you have a child? Well unless you have a nanny or a baby sitter or hired help. Some days I can’t even go to the loo with out an audience ( normally Elsa and our kitten, Minnie). If someone would like to expand on the term ‘full time mummy blogger’ and explain to be how it is physically possible.

I don’t know if any men (besides my husband) ready my blog, but just incase I would like to clarify that even though people say ‘women can 2 things at once’ this is a myth in most cases and I can barely do anything while running round after my terror toddler so full time blogging is not for me even though I would love to be classed as a full time blogger!!

But really back to the fact that I want 10K+ fans! HAHA!! What is the magic that they use and where can I get some?! I’m guessing it takes a lot of time and a hell of a lot of work, So for now I will keep working hard and hope and prey that everyone loves me. So that Jonny can stop working and we can live of the money I will make being a wonderful professional  blog….

A girl can wish, can’t she!



P.s the feature picture is Elsa modelling for The Kerri Parker Academy Child Model of the year award on the 4th September 2016!



2 thoughts on “Blogger’s Envy!

  1. Everyone gets blogger’s envy. For me it’s not about the numbers, but I get envious of those who put a slant on things and pull off the mundane with a wicked sense of humour. But I love their perspectives so much the envy’s outweighed by my love of their writing.
    Best way to build your audience is to build a community though. Read others’ blogs and leave comments…it might inspire them to check you out, and others who follow them too. Respond to people. Dive into the Community Pool. Check out the links on Mondays (post your own if you’re brace enough…although get in quick or you’ll not get much attention; be prepared for honest feedback). Recommend others, work on joint posts or guest posts. Connect.
    Thousands of loyal readers won’t happen overnight (for me it’ll never happen, but I don’t mind)…but even at the beginning you can make some great connections with people who end up as friends.


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