Reasons loving someone with Down Syndrome is amazing!

For these reasons I thought it would be a cool idea not to just use my reasons but reasons from other people from the Facebook group, Future of Downs. This is a community that is amazing for people who have someone with Down Syndrome in their life or even have Ds themselves.

So here goes…

  1. For the lessons you never thought you’d learn – Kelly Rebecca Thomas
  2. For that gorgeous smile –  Michael Hughes
  3. My daughters  determination to do things – Sarah Denny
  4. For introducing me to a whole new world and friendships – Lisa Allen
  5. His humour – Chris Valentine-Smith
  6. For bringing out the best in his siblings – Lorraine Buckmaster
  7. He gives the best cuddles and lights up a room with his smile – Lisa Allen
  8. For always, always being the one to remember that nana hurt her knee/ grandad had a bad cough last time we saw him/ Aunty  Becki broke up with her boyfriend 3 months ago / Ect! – Sara Thom
  9. For giving me reason to believe and to be able to find the strength I never knew I had. For making my life complete and everyday smiling and smile that fills my heart with the most joy. For teaching his siblings that life is a blessing and to appreciate each other and giving us all patience. – Maria Murray
  10. For making our family even stronger than it was – Charlotte Louise White
  11. A whole new look out on life, finally appreciate the small things , strength we didn’t know we had as a family,  an infectious smile, a bond that can’t be broken. – Tammy Smith
  12. For the beautiful connection we have every time she looks into my eyes, indescribable. – Charlotte Louise White
  13. I always say, as a parent I got lucky because I couldn’t cope with a 14 year old me! Amber’s Down syndrome means I don’t pull her out of nightclubs or deal with her drunk vomiting all over the car. – Aneliese Rawlings-Jones
  14. For giving me a reason to live – Gillian Denton
  15. To show us we should appreciate things in life, every small milestones achieved is like your child climbing a mountain and should be celebrated. We should never take anything for granted. – Lucy Wylie
  16. Being the glue in our family – Charlotte Clarkson
  17. Loving and Friendly  – Haydn Taff Gardener
  18.  Hugs – Unbelievably tight, truly meant hugs that will fill your heart with warm bliss – Laura Stewart
  19. Great personality – Haydn Taff Gardener
  20. Can always count on my girl to make me smile – Haydn Taff Gardener
  21. Always laughing – Haydn Taff Gardener
  22. Massive amount of determination – Haydn Taff Gardener
  23. Best cwtches ever – Haydn Taff Gardener
  24. Never gives up – Haydn Taff Gardener
  25. Stubborn and Strong  – Haydn Taff Gardener
  26. Robbie gives the best hugs when I’m feeling a bit down that smile will just make you snap out of any shit I’m going through – Lindy Lou
  27. Gentle – Haydn Taff Gardener
  28. Will watch out for anyone – Haydn Taff Gardener
  29. Can be friends with anyone – Haydn Taff Gardener
  30. Hard working and Bold – Haydn Taff Gardener
  31. His strength and resilience. Going through surgeries and medical appointments as if it were a walk in the park. When most of us would moan and groan. Seriously tough cookies! – Laura Stewart
  32. Inquisitive – Haydn Taff Gardener
  33. Trusting – Haydn Taff Gardener
  34. Always looking to learn new things – Haydn Taff Gardener
  35. My best friend, My daughter – Haydn Taff Gardener
  36. Giving me the best I could ever wish for in life – Haydn Taff Gardener
  37. For teaching me to appreciate the joy in everything even the hum drum of everyday life – Stephanie Stone
  38. Celebrating every achievement big or small on a regular basis – Belinda MacDonald
  39. For making me a kinder, more considerate, more patient, laid back, driven, warrior mumma! – Laura Stewart
  40. Its opened my eyes to the world of children with varying disabilities and made me a much less selfish person and do more to help others – Emma Johnson
  41. For bringing so much fun to our lives and being free of worrying about academic achievement, by just enjoying the simple things in life. – Laura Stewart
  42. The kindness you find in strangers, be it from a simple smile or hello to people. Raising loads of our local DS charity group. – Laura Stewart
  43. Amazing hugs – Myself
  44. Once in a lifetime opportunities – Myself
  45. Showing me how other people’s limitations don’t limit him. He will always overcome everything! – Jayne Wallace
  46. Never a boring moment! – Myself
  47. Because of the cheeky glint she has in her eye when I ask for a hug or a kiss, she then turns away. Knows how to play people at 18 months! – Ellie Milton
  48. Laughing- the whole family laughs so much. He’s so funny without even knowing it! He finds the silliest things funny and his giggling is infectious –   Laura Stewart
  49. Having my daughter has introduced me to some very special people who make this world a much better place that I would not have meet if I hadn’t had her… oh and all of the above – Mary Hunter
  50. Because my 7 year old who understands that his little sister ( 16 weeks) has Down Syndrome and thinks she is the most amazing girl in the world! Every time he see someone doing something amazing he says ‘mummy do they have Down Syndrome too!’ They really fill my heart with Joy. – Karen McGuinness
  51. The joy of accomplishments – even naughty ones! It’s nice to be able to notice these things as they happen at a slower pace, Not growing up to quickly can be a good thing! – Laura Stewart
  52. My son makes me stop and see the world. He loves looking up at the sky and trees and makes me stop too. Why have I never done this before? Even when we’re late for school we just stop. Life is so precious through his eyes. – Jenni Buttery
  53. My daughter (12 )is the most (brutally) honest person I know and she notices everything and remembers all the little things I forget. She has also opened my eyes to a whole new world of clothing combinations I’d never thought of before! She doesn’t have the awkward embarrassing teen moments and couldn’t give a monkeys what people think as long as she’s having fun! – Emily Lambert

There we have it over 50 reasons why it is amazing to have someone in  your life with Down Syndrome! All from the people who love someone with Ds themselves! I was going to stick at 21 but as they were all so lovely it ended up at over  50. Might do another one of these next week as it’s amazing to hear everyone’s reasons!

Thank you for reading!





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