A little bit of a catch up!

Time for a little bit of a catch up with my lovely followers and readers! Well as most of you know last week we went to Butlins from Monday to Friday (I did post about it a lot, maybe to much)  We had an amazing time as normal, Elsa loved it and to be honest we didn’t want to leave. We had planned on squatting in the room we stayed in! We love it, I don’t want to go any where else on holiday ever and that is why we are going back in March, so get ready for another Butlins countdown guys!


If you have a child and think about going, don’t think twice. Book it. Honestly your child will have the best time ever, you may be completely shattered by the first day like me and Jonny were. We were asleep by 9 the first night! Elsa ran round the whole 5 days, she didn’t stop. We had tantrums because she was so tired some days and she didn’t want to sleep just to make sure she didn’t miss the Skyline gang or Angelina Ballerina.  We swam everyday and you can not believe the swimming pool, it was like Elsa’s version of heaven. She had so much fun even if the lifeguards watched her like a hawk because all she wanted to do was swim under the water just like nemo! haha!

The food is good. There is a mixture of different places to eat and you can always go out of the park like we did to grab something else. The food I would say is reasonably priced considering that it is Butlins and everything is more expensive.  You will need to raid your piggy bank if you do go as it can be pricey when you are there if you do things that are not free.

IMG_20161004_131104 - Copy.jpg

The photo above shows Elsa’s love for the outdoor fountains (yes, in October) After about 20 minutes we managed to get her out with a little running around and shouting. The shows there are also amazing! We watched Aladdin Rocks twice in one day,  we loved it! Fingers crossed it’s on next time we go. All in all it was an amazing mid week break. I wouldn’t say relaxing in the slightest like I hoped but Elsa fell in love with Butlins instantly and you could see how much see loved it just by looking at her face, well apart from the picture I got of her screaming because she didn’t want to be sitting on the huge deck chair! ( I apologise in advance for this photo Elsa and I promise not to show it on your wedding day!)

img_20161005_221645Thank you for reading!





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