20 things about me!

I was nominated by Zoe Marie Lloyd, her blog is over on http://www.zoemarielloyd.com to write 20 things about me so here we go…

  1. I live in Norfolk, UK
  2. I love living in the countryside
  3. I am one of five children
  4. I also have 2 half sisters
  5. My mum and I were pregnant at the same time
  6. Mum had Rory, who has Down Syndrome was born 17 days after I  had Elsa
  7. I only live down the road from my mum
  8. I am 21 years old
  9. I have a cat called Minnie
  10. I love blogging as you can tell!
  11. My favourite beauty brand is Soap and Glory
  12. I love chocolate like every other woman
  13. My favourite film is Beauty and the Beast (well….any Disney film really)
  14. I find programmes like X Factor so cringy
  15. My favourite place to go is any zoo! I love them!
  16. I love being a Down Syndrome advocate
  17. I write my blogs on my phone and my HP bright pink laptop!!
  18. Jonny and I got married 27/12/15
  19. I started blogging on 2/9/16 and so proud of myself for how well I have done!
  20. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I love it! way more than Facebook!

So there are my 20 things about me!

Hope you enjoyed them !





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