Just a little flower

These are flowers. Imagine if the yellow flower was your unborn baby that had a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome and the blue flowers are all the other babies that don’t. The one yellow flower has one more petal then all the blue flowers. Would you cut the yellow  flower at the stem before the flower has even blossomed because it had an extra petal. Even though you are not aware of the power of that extra one?

You have never seen a yellow flower blossom but even if you did the extra petal makes the flower individual to it’s  self . The flower will stick out in the crowd but will make the most of being yellow. Would you cut the flower before knowing what the future holds for it? Before knowing how beautiful that extra petal makes it. It’s the same with a chromosome, why stop a baby blossoming when you are unaware of their future or how beautiful they really are?


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