Just being a mummy! The Elsa update!

*jazzy theme tune*

Here is your Elsa update!

What has happened to my baby, she is meant to be going on 2. Not going on 20! Elsa just seems to grown up and independent all of a sudden and I am a bit lost. It’s the constant screaming of no when I ask her if she wants mummy to play or wants a cuddle. I’ve been made redundant. I think she only time she needs mummy is when she is hungry or thirsty. I’m less a mummy and more a waitress, only I’m not getting paid. Talking of money I need to buy Elsa some new wellies and I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find any that I really like. She has Peppa Pig ones at the moment but I’m having to squash her feet in to them as they grow so bloody quick! Anyone else have babies who’s feet grow at the speed of light?!

As I mentioned in my 20 things about me blog, we have a beautiful black cat called Minnie..and no before you think it she hasn’t died haha! But we may have to rename her for Elsa reasons. Nanny Julie has a doggy called Daisy and her name was Elsa’s first proper word. Every animal is Daisy, apart from a horse then its hore hore and can get quiet embarrassing for us. Well we have tried our best but Elsa just wont call the cat Minnie and she is now starting to respond to Daisy. So we have come to a family decision…well Jonny and I that its time to rename the cat so its easier for Elsa!

Time for some modelling news! Elsa has been offered a contract with the lovely Kerri Parker Academy. I know Kerri and she is so lovely so I know Elsa is in safe hands with her. She also has amazing experience in the modelling industry  and has many titles herself! she is Miss UK 2016! So this is an awesome opportunity for us! We can’t wait for what is round the corner for us!


I also need some help from my lovely followers!!!! Last week we were told by doctors that Rory has hearing problems, so we need to get our arses in to gear and learn some Makaton! if anyone knows of an ‘easy’ way to learn it or any courses to take then please email me or Dm me on instagram! I cant stand Mr Tumble and he seems to be my only hope at this moment in time!! Help!!

Every week we will have an Elsa update, beauty look, product review (baby or beauty), small business and then just the random crap I want to share!

Thank you for reading!





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