Nappies, nappies and more nappies!! I change Elsa nappy and 20 minutes later I have her coming up to me telling me ‘bum bum mum’. I go to change her again and guess what…every parents nightmare…Elsa has leaked. So a new change of clothes and another load of washing later, she is sorted. Some days it is 2 maybe 3 changes of clothes, there isn’t a day now where she doesn’t have to change. I am having to change her nappy every hour!

So it has been very trial  and error with tonnes of different brands. Nappies and pull ups. What else is there to try?! I am feeling at the moment that the only option is to potty train her but to me that seems a very intimidating process! I don’t have a clue where to start or when to begin. I have read some other posts about potty training and it seems so easy for some parents. I’ve even seen a post claiming you can potty train your child in 3 days. How this is possible, I have no idea. Now Elsa is rather stubborn so I am already coming to the conclusion that this will not be an easy process or defiantly will not take 3 days! My first hurdle is the fact that my child will not sit on a potty, not in front of the telly or anything. Now if she hates the potty then what is the next step? She is only tiny so sitting her on the toilet is a no go as I don’t fancy fishing her out of the toilet bowl.

We have tried every brand of nappies, in every bloody size and still no good! So any advice or recommendations for different nappies would be amazing!!

This mumma needs help 😦





One thought on “POTTY TRAINING!!!!

  1. Hey Rebecca! It is a really tough and very personal thing potty training. With 3 boys (10,9 & 4) I’ve been through it and some. First nappies I found pampers the best, but even I didn’t know that the ‘+’ meant they were more absorbent, did you?! But I did hear that as good as they were for boys, they were great for girls ☹️. Having potty trained 3 times by the end I found it much easier to let them tell you when they are ready but when you do it, there is no going back! If you are already experiencing wet clothes due to leakage then maybe try her in pants, she might surprise you! Regarding the 3 day thing, I’m not a believer of this, especially the ‘training’ part. I tried to potty train Samuel my youngest when he showed an interest in using the toilet. Cue one week of very wet clothes everywhere. So we gave up, two weeks later and he promptly came into our bedroom one morning and said ‘my not wear nappies anymore’ we went with it and I think we only had a handful of accidents. I am definitely a firm believer in taking their lead, Fay xxx


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