Just being mummy – Testing Nuk baby bottles!

So many of you mummies and daddies  might have heard of the brand Nuk. They make lots of different baby products. When I was pregnant with Elsa I didn’t really look at this brand which now I really do regret!

I was looking online at new bottles for Elsa, now she is nearly 2 years old I thought it would be a good idea to see what new bottles are out there, a lot can change in over 2 years and we have always stuck with one brand. That is how I found Nuk, I have never had a problem with Elsa being picky with her bottles. Elsa is now not only drinking milk but also different times of juices, so it is important that the teat doesn’t damage her teeth. Research is essential when looking for new bottles and teats.

IMG_20161026_155850.jpgWe also love bright colours so having bright bottles and not the boring normal clear ones was a must! Elsa has been using the Nuk Active Disney Finding Dory bottle for nearly a week now and she loves it. It is by far one of the coolest bottles she has ever used. Nuk don’t just stop at Finding Dory, they have Winnie the pooh, Frozen and the Disney original Mickey and Minnie. Perfect for any Disney loving parent and child!

The bottle is self is very well made and is not flimsy, It is brightly coloured and I would say is suitable for both boys and girls. The Finding Dory bottles are limited edition so you need to get them while you can. As well as the active bottles they also make learner cups, soothers and the 300ml standard baby bottle. There is something from newborn to toddler. I would 100% recommend these bottles!


To view the full range visit their website http://www.nuk.co.uk/

Thank you for reading!!




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