Happy Halloween everyone!!

Yes, the year has gone that quick! It’s getting closer and closer to crimbo but before that holiday it’s the one that every parent dreads…Halloween. The time that your child looks at stupidly over priced shitty costumes that they will wear for all of half an hour when you go to your neighbours to beg for sweets that you probably had in cupboard anyway!

We tell are children from the age when they are able to run away from you that you DONT TALK OR TAKE ANYTHING FROM A STRANGER…yet one night a year it seems to be totally acceptable. I’m guessing ( well more hoping ) that Elsa wont even notice that I am not taking her trick or treating. Instead of taking her outside in the cold in a crappy costume I will give her a packet of white choccy buttons and be done with it!

Good luck to every parent that has to have an argument with their children because they want to go get sweets from the weird creepy man from down the road!

And Happy Halloween!





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