Introducing Gummee!

If you follow me on insta you will have seen our Gummee news! Elsa and Rory are Gummee Brand Reps, we are just a little bit excited and we cannot wait to work with such a fantastic brand!

As I will be posting about Gummee a lot I thought it would be a good idea to introduce them to you!

Us parents know how horrible it is when your child is grumpy and in pain all because  of teething, that’s where Gummee comes in. They make the most amazing teething products, from their gloves to their  molar mallets. They are colourful and such a fun design that babies and toddlers everywhere love.

Their gloves are made to fit babies aged 3 – 6 months, who cannot hold a teether on their own. That way the parent doesn’t have the problem of the teether falling on the floor or loosing it out of the pushchair ( which to be honest has happened to us a couple of times)
If your baby isn’t 3 – 6 months do not fear they still have products for you! For 0 – 3 months they have created Anti-scratch mittens. These come in 3 different colours: Pink, Blue and white. They are perfect for babies that like to put their hands in their mouth. The Anti-scratch mittens have Velcro fasteners, raised silicone dots and loads of padding. They are perfectly designed for the stage of teething.
When your babies teeth do make an appearance, Gummee recommends their molar mallet. This had been designed so that it will reach the areas of the mouth that normal teethers would cannot reach. The molar mallet is for ages 12- 24 months.

The prices of the Gummee products are as follows:
Anti-scratch mittens – £7.99
Gummee Glove including silicone teether – £13.99
Heart shaped silicone teether – £4.99
Water filled teething ring – 49p ( I know bargain!)
Gummee starter pack ( Anti-scratch mitten, Gummee Glove/teether, extra teether) – £25 Molar Mallet – £10.99

Gummee was made when founder Jodine Boothby had her little boy and he started teething. They had the idea of Gummee Glove so looked to see if there was a gap in the market and there was! That’s when Gummee was created!

To find out more visit their website or
Instagram: @gummeeuk
Twitter: @gummeeuk

We love their products and we cannot wait to work with Gummee and review the products!

Thank you for reading!




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