The Year of the tiger?

On Saturday we are off to a very special event.

We are going to a WWF event in aid of the tigers. This Christmas WWF are calling on the public to become Tiger Protectors. Their goal? to double the number of wild tigers by the next Chinese Year of the Tiger, 2020!  They are hoping the public can help in what will become the biggest conservation success story of all time. At this present time the gorgeous animal which is the tiger has been officially classed as endangered by the IUCN.

So what do we know about the tiger?

A tiger has a unique set of stripes just like us with our fingerprints and this helps them be identified in the wild.

Over the last century tiger numbers has plummeted by over 95%

In the US there are more tigers in captivity then there are in the wild.

Tigers can be found in isolated forests and grasslands throughout Asia.

There estimated to be around 3,900 in the wild

A tigers body can grow to over 11 feet!

Unlike cats, tigers love water and are brilliant swimmers.

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What threatens tigers? 

Many different things threaten tigers in the wild such as: Poaching, they are poached for their skin and body parts as they are used in traditional Asian  medicines. Habitat loss, Tigers are being forced to small islands as their habitats are being destroyed. Human conflict, as tigers habitats become smaller and smaller they come closer to humans  but this means that people then protect their livestock and family from the tigers. Loss of Prey, the increases of livestock can result in the tigers natural prey declining as they are in competition for gazing land.

 How can we help?

One amazing thing you can do to help is adopt a tiger through WWF, you choose a amount each month which starts at just £3. Your adoption will help double the number of wild tigers by 2020 (the next Chinese year of the tiger) In the adoption pack you will receive a family activity pack, a exclusive WWF pin badge and three issues per year of their action magazine.

They are the prefect gift for an animal lover, we brought my brother the panda adoption pack for his birthday  and he loved it.

If you want to find out more or adopt any animal through WWF then please visit

I will post an update at the beginning of next week about the event

Thank you



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