My Endo & Fibro journey so far…

Where to begin? I guess explaining what Endo & Fibro are is a good start.

Fibro or Fibromyalgia (FMS) is a long term health condition that causes pain all over the body. But it’s not just that,  you can also have chronic fatigue (extreme tiredness) and trouble falling asleep in the first place, ‘fibro-fog’ in  other words you forget everything and headaches. There are a few more symptoms  but I will link the NHS webpage for Fibro at the bottom of this page. Now Fibro and Endo can go hand in hand but are both separate conditions. Where Fibro can affect both men and woman, only woman can be affected my Endo. Endometriosis (Endo) is a painful condition where the womb lining doesn’t leave the body properly during a period and embeds itself in other organs in the body.  The symptoms can be painful periods, pain in the tummy area, pelvis or lower back, bleeding between periods and difficulty getting pregnant.  I will leave the link for the NHS webpage at the bottom of this page the same as the Fibro one.

I am only explaining as it would be pointless me telling my story of diagnosis if you didn’t know what the conditions are or the symptoms to keep an eye out.

I had Elsa in January 2015 and after a while I started to get awful back pain, I ignored it for a while and just put it down to looking after a baby and just moving house. It got to November and I decided I needed to go to the doctors.  I had blood test after blood test and we came to the conclusion that the best thing would be a chiropractor. After seeing the chiropractor  for just over a month my back suddenly got a lot worse. I had another blood test and it came back that I was Vitamin D deficient  so we tried tablets for that, didn’t help again. Then an anti-inflammatory  and more pain killers. By march I was on a real cocktail of tablets.

I then had scans and x-rays to see if there was anything and all they could see what ‘wear and tear’ so back to square one again! My pain then started to spread to my arms and legs but we had no reason why, so more trial and error tablets. Finally after nearly  a year my doctor called and said that I need to come in and talk to her, that’s when we put all the pieces together and discovered that the likely cause was Fibro.

Ever since I stopped breastfeeding Elsa by periods had been awful, they were so painful. One month they were really bad and it was time to go and ask advice about changing my pill as I thought that was  the cause. This was in April! By October I had tried 6 different pills but due to migraines there was only so many I could take. It was after then that someone told me about the link between Fibro and Endo. So I went back to the doctor again! Where I got referred to Gynae, I went for my appointment and  they looked at my symptoms and  I had scans and examinations. I was diagnosed with Endo. I was given the option of the coil or to come of everything and see how things went. Me and Jonny decided that we would try for a baby as Endo can affect fertility and my consultant said it could take a while for me to fall pregnant. After a month we found out that we were expecting again!! 

As you can imagine it was a huge shock for us! But that is how we are here today. I am due 1st August 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited! 

I am currently still seeing a consultant even though all my tablets have had to be stopped due to pregnancy. The next step is a blood test to test for Lupus so I will update you all on that.


Here are the links for NHS Fibro and Endo:

as well as the charity websites so you can look in to both of these:

Thank you for reading



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