Its a…..Gender 4D scan experience at Window To The Womb



Seeing your unborn baby on screen is an amazing experience.

 Most women will only see their baby twice before he/she is born but did you know you can have a private scan at an ultrasound baby bonding studio such as Window To The Womb.

We visited Window To The Womb in Norwich at the weekend. This was our first visit to a private scan studio as we didn’t even realise they existed when I was pregnant with Elsa. The idea of seeing our baby at just 17 weeks in 4D was an  incredible thought and even more incredible when we saw her.


We rarely go into Norwich city centre so we thought it would be daunting and difficult to find Window To The Womb. How wrong we were!! If you can locate Castle Mall then finding the studio will be a piece of cake. We over compensated on how long it would take us to  arrive, this meant we were 30 minutes early. Not that this mattered as there was lovely large sofas and toys for Elsa to play with. We were not waiting long before we got called in. The staff at Window To The Womb were lovely and chatty. The whole studio had a friendly, caring and non clinical atmosphere. The scan room itself was luxurious with television screens on either side of the room so you can view your baby clearly. They explain everything and point out all of your baby’s features.

Then came the moment they looked at the gender. As clear as day you could see 3 white lines ( the way to tell if you are having a girl) The staff then confirmed that we are having another little princess. They congratulated us and then switched the scan machine so we could see the baby in 4D. WOW!! We have never experienced anything like it. Although baby is still so small, you could see all her tiny little features. We were completely speechless, there were no words.

After the scan we viewed our photos, our scan package (Gender Scan – sneak a peek) included 4 4×6 printed photos and all our images on CD but as an extra we added the whole scan on a DVD to watch back later and 4 more 4×6 photos for Nans and Grandads.

The experience for us was amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone. There isn’t words to explain how it made us feel as a family to see our baby so clearly and waving and making faces.

Thank you Window To The Womb for the amazing experience and we will without a doubt be back when I am closer to 30 weeks.

All there was left to do was go shopping!


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