Make your Earth Hour Matter with WWF


Organised by WWF, Earth Hour is the world’s biggest environmental event, spreading over 178 countries and territories.

It is where for one hour people, organisations and iconic landmarks across the world switch off all their lights to show they want action to prevent climate change. WWF want to get as many families as they possibly can to take part.

But why is it important?

It has been the hottest year on record for the third year in a row and one in six species are at risk from extinction  because of climate change. So we need to act now to protect our amazing planet.

Here is an activity you can do to get your children involved in Earth Hour.

Light up Earth Hour homemade lantern

What you will need:

  • A paper bag
  • Tracing paper
  • An LED light
  • Felt tip pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Any other craft or recycled materials that would  you like


  1. Recycle an old paper bag, it could be from your lunch, your shopping or from a gift and can be any colour or pattern that you want
  2. Draw a rectangle on the front of the bag, a postcard makes a good template for this. Carefully cut this out, making sure you only cut one layer of paper
  3. Cut a slightly bigger rectangle out of the tracing paper
  4. Use pens, tissue and craft materials to decorate the tracing paper. You could draw planet earth, a starry sky or your favourite animal.
  5. Add an inspiring Earth Hour message. What do you want to protect from climate change?
  6. Stick the square of tracing paper over the cut out. Add extra decorations to your bag if you like
  7. Light up your LED candle and place it in your bag. See your Earth Hour message shine bright!

Join the millions for other people that support Earth Hour and sign up here:


Thank you WWF for my Earth Hour goodies and asking me to be involved in this amazing event.



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