Our Butlins holiday! 27th – 31st March ’17 quick run down and photo gallery!

So from the 27th to the 31st March Jonny, Elsa, My parents, Ryan, Reilly, Rosie, Rory and I all called Butlins in Skegness home. Me, Jonny and Elsa have visited Butlins a few times but we have never visited as such a big family group. For us Skegness is about a 2 hours drive away so isn’t too bad to do with a toddler. Here is a little run down!wp-image-788546864jpg.jpg

We could arrive on site at 1pm and then use all the facilities such as the pool and all the fun and games in the Skyline. So we went swimming and we showed Rosie, Reilly and Rory all that Butlins had to offer as they haven’t been before. Then we checked in to our rooms. Jonny, Elsa and I were staying in a silver apartment and my parents, Ryan, Reilly, Rosie and Rory were in a gold apartment. We don’t really see a difference as we don’t spend enough time in our rooms for it to make any difference. As it was the first day we then had an earlier night. Over the next couple of days we spent time on site as well as in Skegness and at Fantasy Island, both which are only minutes down the road. We went swimming everyday and didn’t find the pools to over crowded and all the staff were amazing when it came to Rory’s wheelchair. The 5 days were fun packed and very tiring but we loved every minute! We did everything from bowling to swimming to watching the Teletubbies and a baby T-rex! I cannot recommened Butlins enough for a good fun family holiday!

Here are our photos!

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I will be uploading a more detailed review of our holiday in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled!


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