Our YippieYo Crossbuggy experience

Over the last couple of weeks we have been putting to the test the YippieYo Crossbuggy and we want to tell you all about it.

So what is a Crossbuggy?

The brand YippieYo have created the Crossbuggy. It is a tough and robust pull along trailer that is made for the great outdoors and it is perfect for getting where a normal pushchair couldn’t normally get.

The Crossbuggy has two 5-point harnesses on it’s  dirt and water-resistant bench seat when is the perfect size to fit two children. But if you are using it for one child then there is loads of room on the seat and due to its design, it has an amazing amount of leg room so even the tallest children have plenty of room (as we found when Rosie tested it out) It can also carry approx. 40kg.

On the back of the seat is some bungee straps, where you can either attach your own bags or buy a large messenger type bag that is especially made to fit the Crossbuggy. The YippieYo bag is large enough to fit supplies for a whole day out with the family and the best bit is you don’t have to carry it as it fits perfectly on the back of the seat.

The Crossbuggy is made for all terrain. It has 14″ wheels that can be removed for transports and storage easily. The wheels cushion any lumps and bumps on the ground and as the Crossbuggy is suitable for all terrain it can be used on any type of ground such as, sandy beaches, woodland and rocky hills but can also be used on tarmac and a bonus feature is that at only 75cm wide it can still fit through most doorways. You pull the Crossbuggy along with I expected to be awkward to do but the way the handle has been designed  means that it fits in your hand perfectly and is comfortable to pull along even with two children in it. The handle is fitted with a hand brake which is very easy to use from where you hold the Crossbuggy’s long handle. When transporting the Crossbuggy the wheels pop off, the seat folds down and the handle folds over the seat meaning that it is fairly flat. Its folded size is 95 x 75 x 35 cm and weights 12kg in total.

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The best feature?

It has to be, being able to configure the Crossbuggy to your specifications when you order. There is a variety of colours to choose from for the chassis colour, the fabric colour and wheel disc colour with many more colours coming very soon. As it is designed to your own specifications it is exactly how you want. You can have it as bright or as dark as you want. It’s an amazing feature and makes the experience of ordering your very own Crossbuggy that little bit more special. Separate fabrics are also available to purchase if you want to have a change of colour.

In conclusion – Our experience

It’s smiles all round thanks to YippieYo! Rosie, Elsa and Rory have all had ago and they all love it. The only is there is three children and only two seats so they argue over who is going to have ago. It is perfect for us as a family as we love going for walks. As we are in the countryside, the Crossbuggy fits in so well and it really does turn heads. There are loads of beach and woodland walks to do local to where we live and as the Crossbuggy is such brilliant quality and it is solid and sturdy so we know we can use it anywhere without any problems at all. When we ordered we choose the colours, Anthracutgrey metallic powder for the chassis, Rot/ Anthrazit colours for the seat fabric and black wheel discs. Delivery was quick considering it came from abroad aswell so there wasn’t much waiting to start playing with our Crossbuggy.

Here at The Coastal Mummy we rate the YippieYo Crossbuggy a 10/10! We absolutely love it!

The link to the YippieYo website:  https://yippieyo.com/en/


I was kindly sent a Crossbuggy by Yippie Yo in exchange for photos and a review.

Even though I was sent a product to review all opinions are my own.

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