PAMS 3D & 4D Baby Imaging Centre in Norwich

Say hello to your baby

Tucked away along a main road in Norwich City centre is a baby imaging centre like no other. PAMS 3D & 4D baby imaging is a private specialist service which performs scans that compliment NHS routine scans. Their range of scans cover all trimesters throughout pregnancy. From the viability (from 7 weeks) scans to the reassurance/growth (24 – 40 weeks) scans. They offer the latest technology so you can see every detail of your unborn baby’s face and body with a 3D & 4D scan. A special glimpse at your little bundle of joy. When you arrive at PAMS you are greeted with a friendly and professional welcome and smile. The inside is very sophisticated but has a relaxing atmosphere and it is a comfortable environment.

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On the 13th April my mum and I visited PAMS. I was 24 + 2 days and I didn’t really know what to expect to see at this stage. After sitting  for a short time in the waiting room we were called through into a beautifully decorated scan room that could have easily accommodated 4 – 6 family members and friends. I was scanned for around 10 minutes and I had the 4D scan. The images were breath-taking, It is bonding with your baby before he or she has arrived. Throughout the scan we saw the baby kicking and waving as well as swallowing, sticking her tongue out and touching/scratching her face. We could see all her tiny features from her chubby cheeks to the knuckles on her hands. The one thing that amazed me the most was how much she resembles Elsa when she was a new-born. You could easily see the similarities already even through this baby still has 16 weeks of growing to do. The experience was like no other and the care from staff was second to none. I would 100% recommend PAMS to anyone I know that is looking in to getting a private scan. We came home with some amazing images and video to treasure and show our daughter when she is older.

PAMS 3D & 4D baby imaging is located at 77 Newmarket Road, Norwich

Contact details:

Telephone: 07503152530



Facebook Page:

PAMS is also registered with the CQC ( Care Quality Commission)


I was kindly gifted a scan by PAMS 3D & 4D baby imaging in exchange for a review.

Even though I was gifted a scan all opinions are my own.


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