5 funny little things about Elsa

Toddlers are always up to mischief and  looking for the next funny thing to do. Some things may make you laugh and some things may make you cry.

Here are 5 funny little things about Elsa:

  1. Elsa’s attitude (depending on how tired you are) – She is 2 going on 18. Someone has developed a teenage attitude lately and I have no idea where it has come from.
  2. Elsa’s obsession with shoes – Elsa has a real love for shoes. It has become a problem as every time we go shopping she thinks she is getting a new pair of shoes. It doesn’t  even matter what size they are, Elsa will wear them. She’s not picky at all.
  3. Elsa’s ability to be a mini mummy – She mummy’s Rory more than people may think. We do have to remind her that they are the same age and that he is her uncle.
  4. Elsa’s vocabulary – By that I don’t mean swearing! I mean the random things she comes out with. She comes out with words we didn’t even realise she knew. We have no idea where she learns these, we are guessing she just randomly picks them up.
  5. Elsa’s ability to get what she wants – Elsa has ‘puppy eyes’ she manages to persuade people to give her whatever she wants. It works with everyone, Mummy says no, so ask someone else and use puppy eyes!

There will be a million funny things that Elsa does but I would be here forever writing about them.

I am tagging Maria from Suburban Mum , Charlotte from Cups of Charlotte and Eva from Captain Bobcat

Also thank you Cassandra from Lily’s little learners for tagging me.


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