Hugzzies – A warm lavender scented hug

Elsa and I have been using a new super soft warm teddy that can be used as a safe alternative for children when you don’t want to give your little one a hot water bottle.

The Hugzzies has a removable microwavable wheat bag that gets warmed up to the perfect temperature. An added bonus is that the Hugzzies has the most gorgeous lavender scent.  It is not overwhelming at all and to me is just right. It can be used at home or on the go and has a soft Velcro waist belt to give the feeling of a nice warm hug. The Hugzzies can be used to help ease pain as well as keep your little one warm in the colder months. We have also seen them used as a bum bag to carry their favourite toys.

They come in 5 different animals which children will love as they can pick the one they want. The animals are:  Carly the Cat, Dexter the Dog, Mikey the Monkey, Pauley the Panda and Betty the Bunny.

Elsa was sent Mikey the Monkey and fell in love with him as soon as I got him out of the box. Hugzzies are made out of the most softest fabric so that they are perfect for children of any age.

Hugzzies are £9.99 and you can buy them over on their website.



We were kindly sent a Hugzzies to try out, all opinions are our own.

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