4 days, 4 face masks with Anatomicals


Over 4 days I tested out 4 different face masks by the brand Anatomicals. Each ma20170916_190004sk claimed to help potential problems you could have with your skin such as dryness or it looking dull. Personally I don’t use face masks that often and when I do it is normally one from a large jar and not from small individual packs like these ones I have been testing out.


The 4 face masks I tested out were:

Day 1 – Look, you’ve got chocolate all over your face Anti-stress mask; As soon as I opened the packet the scent of chocolate hit me.  I think it is anti-stress because of the smell, its delicious! There seemed to be a lot in the pack and when applied to the face it dried in around 15 minutes. I removed with a warm wet flannel and it left my skin feeling very smooth and soft.

Day 2 – Makes your skin brighter (if not you) Strawberry + Yarrow mask; Once again there was loads in the pack and it took around 15 minutes to dry. The strawberry scent is not very strong which I did like. It felt very gentle on the skin and it made my skin feel tight. It defiantly left my skin looking and feeling brighter. The only thing was I did find it hard to remove.

Day 3 – I feel the need, the need for seaweed calming algae mask; This one has to be my favourite out of the 4 masks tried. There was also loads in the pack and it took 10/15 minutes to dry. The scent of this mask is amazing and the colour is fab! It is the brightest blue! It left my skin looking clear, soft and smooth and  had no redness at all when I removed it. As an added bonus I fell in love with the Top Gun packaging. On the back it reads; ‘If there is a face mask out there you’re going to lose that loving feeling for, it’s this one. We promise your beauty will quite literally take someone’s breath away and all this in under 10 minutes. So as you can tell, we also feel the need, the need for speed.’ This is brilliant!

Day 4 – Hawaii five-glow tropical hydrating mask; This mask smells like you have walked in to a sweet shop. The scent is lovely and not to strong. Like the last 3, there was a lot in the pack. It left my skin looking and feeling hydrated. It dried in 15 minutes and was very easy to remove.

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I had great fun testing out these masks and they are some of the best masks I have ever used. You can buy Anatomical products from Superdrug and Asos and you can also view their products on their website.


I was kindly gifted face masks from Anatomicals but all views are my own.

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