You know you’re a parent when..

Being a parent can be a time filled with special and funny moments as well as the ones where you stand there with your head in your hands and wonder what the hell happened.

I asked fellow bloggers at when ‘you know you’re a parent when’ Here is what they said:

  • You have sick, snot, food on your clothes when you’re about to go out after all ready changing once –  Surrey Mama
  • Coffee is your best friend. – Twinderelmo
  • A full nights sleep and long lazy lie ins are a distant memory. – Truly Madly Cuckoo
  • You’ve been staring blankly at Peppa Pig for an hour and the kids aren’t even in the room. – Mrs Helicopter Writes
  • You can almost do anything one-handed, as you have a child in the other. – Boo Roo and Tigger too
  • You sit there humming nursery rhymes/ kids tv theme tunes all day at your desk. – Something About Baby
  • You repeat yourself over and over and no one hears you, but you sit down for 5 minutes and your inundated with attention. – My Family of Roses
  • Your birthday wish is to just have a lie in or be left alone for a few hours. – Nelc3
  • You find yourself having to visit the shops almost daily (or rely on amazon prime – guilty as charged) as no matter what you do, there never seems to be any food in the house. – Mrs Mulled Wine
  • You rock the shopping trolley like a pram and you haven’t had a pram for 2 years. – The Money Whisperer
  • You can’t even have a wee without an audience. – Country Home and Heart
  • You don’t even flinch when catching sick in your hand. – Sinead Latham
  • You crave some alone time but miss your child/children the second you are alone. You say ‘put your shoes on’ at least 17 times every morning. – Tales of Mamaville
  • You wipe the snot hanging out your child’s nose with the inside of your cardigan as you have nothing on you to wipe it or you get the bogey and put it in your back pocket. – The Knight Tribe
  • You hide in the cupboard to eat snacks so you don’t have to share them. – Sophie’s Nursery
  • You have a poo sieve in the bathroom for those special accidents. – They Grow So Quick
  • When you use baby wipes to clean almost anything. – The Ninja’s Tale
  • The child’s teacher says ‘can I have a little word’ and puts the fear of gods in to you. – The Mummy Monster
  • You can deal with all bodily secretions without batting an eyelid. – The Sleep Thiefs Mummy
  • You leave Peppa Pig on the TV whilst having a glass of wine after bedtime because your just too tired to change it. – The Mummy Mummy Site
  • You take up running purely so you can get some peace. – The Sleep Thief’s Mummy
  • You find raisins in every pocket of every item of clothing you own. – This Day I Love
  • You shower at 100 MPH with a sea of bread sticks and rice cakes you have given the kids to keep them quiet for you to have a shower. – Anklebiters Adventure
  • You forget you have any other name than ‘Mummy’ or ‘So and so’s mum.’ – Pink Pear Bear
  • You get far to excited at the prospect of brand new episodes of Peppa Pig. – Mama Mighalls
  • You catch yourself in public saying to strangers ‘do you want mummy to help you?’ – Thrifty Mum
  • You consider a trip to the dentist as a day out. – Sprog On The Tyne


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