Toddlebike2 Review and first impressions 

We received a brown box which contained this little lightweight pre-balance bike. At first glance it looks tiny and like a regular bike. As soon as I got it out of the box, Rory started to ride it. This might not sound like a big deal but trust me it is. Rory can at times find it difficult to have balance to walk so him riding a bike, we thought it was completely out of the question. Originally I was going to have Elsa test out the ToddleBike2 but that soon changed and Rory claimed the bike. There is just something about the ToddleBike2 that makes it easy for Rory to get on it and manuever it. I’m convinced it is due to the ToddleBike2’s  small light-weight design. We didn’t think Rory would be riding round on a bike before his 3rd birthday but because of the ToddleBike2 he is riding round the house like it is a racetrack and loving it! 

It can be used both inside and outside and is intended for children aged 18-36 months when they begin their cycling journey. The saddle and cross-bar are at a similar level meaning that a child can sit on either, where ever they feel comfortable.

The ToddleBike2 makes the transition between bikes easier for children, it’s practical and fun design encourages your child to be active as well as improving their balance. As someone who is very involved in equality for children with additonal needs I love that in the booklet that comes attached it says ‘ Toddlers need to mount and dismount without falling over so must be confident on 2 legs first 12-18 months * Some a  littler earlier, Some a little later – it’s not a competition.’ All companies should have this attitude! It’s amazing to see a company that also has in mind children that may find it that little bit harder to achieve things.

I am so impressed with the ToddleBike2 and We will defiantly be recommending and telling people that the ToddleBike2 is a must have! The bike is also available in Pink, Blue aswell as Red and you can purchase them from the ToddleBike website and Halfords.


Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a ToddleBike2 from Toddlebike in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and views are our own.

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