WWF Wear It Wild – 20th October 2017

Every year WWF hold a fundraising event called Wear It Wild and I have been asked to help promote it! This year it is on 20th October! So put that date in your diary!

What is Wear It Wild?!

Since 1970, many animal species numbers have fallen by half. This means without the great work that WWf do animals like tigers, elelphants and rhinos, we could have seen the possible extinction of these beautiful animals in our lifetime.

WWF aren’t going to let this happen. They do valuable work to ensure that future of these animals is secure but they still need our help! They also rely on support from people like you. This is where you can Wear It Wild to show your support!

What can you do to help?

Whether you are at work, school or just at home, you can dress up in wild inspired fancy dress to help raise money. You can do many things from buy a costume to make one at home with your kiddies to just wear a little bit of face paint. Everything helps!

How does your money help?

£5 – this helps towards bills for sniffer dogs who are trained to track down tiger poachers.

£20 – this helps researchers collect evidence in gathering crucial information about climate change.

£50 – this provides training to help farmers in Kenya from protecting their crops from raiding elephants.

£120  – this can pay for one camera so that pandas can be monitored.

£250 – this can fund a pair of binoculars so that lions can be monitored from a safe distance.

£1000 – this could support two corrals to protect livestock and snow leopards.

Please help WWF and get involved!

You can find more information about Wear It Wild over on the WWF website.

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