Shnooks – From Bubble to Best Friend

Shnooks are a new children’s toy with a unqiue difference. They are big balls of fluff that basically come flat packed! When you open your Shnook from its packaging it grows to 8X it’s size. You open it, shake it and then style it. Included in the packet is a comb, hair clips and 4 secret hair bands. These are included so you can style your Shnooks funky hair in whatever style you want! I feel like they are a mixture of a cuddly toy and a styling head.

Elsa and Rosie have been playing with them to let me know what they think and by the looks of it they are a great hit. There is a big selection of Shnooks to pick from, they make them in loads of colour variations and there is 6 to collect. Each Shnook has its own name and best friend saying. They can give you courage and might to give you warmth so bright. You will want to collect them all!

Disclaimer – We were kindly sent 2 Shnooks to play with and review but all opinions are our own

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