Firework safety – It’s so important!

With bonfire night approaching, there is not better time to talk about being safe on November 5th!

Here are some tips on how to say safe but still have a great time:

  • Keep fireworks in a close container away from children
  • Always follow firework instructions 
  • Light fireworks at arms length
  • When holding sparklers, wear gloves and hold them at arms length
  • Once sparklers are out place them in a bucket of water to ensure little hand can’t touch them as they will still be hot even after they have gone out 
  • Do not give sparklers to children under 5 
  • Remember pets such as dogs and cats may not like how loud fireworks are so consider this when planning your own home display
  • It can be cold in November so wrap up warm  
  •  Never go near a firework after it has been lit 
  • Only buy fireworks marked with BS 7114 or CE

Remember, Remember by Sue Whitaker –  A book on bonfire safety –

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