Got a lover of bows? Meet the Hair Helper!

Imagine your child losing their favourite bow and kicking up a fuss or losing all the hair bands on the day they have P.E at school and you are already late for school?

It sounds like a real nightmare!

Well that is all about to change because the Hair Helper is a clever wall mounted hair accessories holder that enables you to store your bows, hairbands and even your hair brush all in one place, so nothing will go missing again! The Hair Helper can be completely personalised from the colour of the frame to the ribbon colour to stickers and your name. As parents we can easily spend a fortune on the pretty little bows so you want to keep them safe and you want them to be seen. With The Hair Helper you are able to display your bows for everyone to see. It makes great and effective wall art perfect for your child’s bedroom.

On the Hair Helper website you are able to pick how you would like it to look. There are many colour and pattern combinations to choose from. The Hair Helper is priced at £17.99 but I do think it is worth it. You can have less clutter and more 100% more organised plus a great way to display your bows! There is also extra ribbon and stickers available on the website so the combinations are endless to what your Hair Helper can look like!

Oh, and it is a great excuse to buy more bows!!

*Disclaimer – We were sent a Hair Helper in exchange for a review.

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