Creature Teacher by Becky Robbins book review 

Over the past couple of weeks Elsa and I have been reading Creature Teacher by Becky Robbin. It is a new book to help encourage children with learning to count to ten, it is perfect for young children as it is jam-packed with bright and fun illustrations. These give visual help when it comes to learning their numbers. Due to Creature Teacher’s very fun and colourful look, it  really appeals to young children and toddlers. Elsa is really enjoying flicking through the book and as well as counting along with me, she is also learning the different types of animals that are also mentioned in the book.

The book itself is a great size, It is just the right length to sit down with your child for a short period of time, maybe just before bed or when you have 5 minutes spare in the day. The book is A5 size so still perfect for little hands but not too small that the font is tiny and you have trouble reading the words.  The layout in the book means that it is an easy read, with the left hand side featuring the rhymes and the right hand side featuring the cute animal illustrations. For every number there is a little rhyme, in some ways that helps the book flow easy for children and some children may be able to remember how to count to ten by mesmerizing the short little rhymes. 

We have really noticed with Elsa that she really loves to learn, so a book like this is ideal. If you have a children or know of one that is soon to start nursery or preschool, Creature Teacher would help so much with developing their learning of counting to ten. It is a clever little book that could make a big impact on your child’s knowledge!


A bit about the author – Becky Robbins 

Becky has a love for children and for animals which is what has inspired her to write. She has published 3 books and had written several more.

Disclaimer – We were sent Creature Teacher in exchange for an honest review but all opinions are our own

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