My Ultimate Family Gift Guide 

It can be hard to decided what to buy people when it comes to birthdays or Christmas. This is my round-up of products that I think would make a great gift idea!

For the Kids!

  • Hair Helper – A handy hair accessories organiser. The Hair Helper can  be personalised for your child. It can hold bows, hair bands and a hair brush. The Hair Helper also looks great as wall art for your childs bedroom. I recently wrote a review and you can read it here

  • Rubik Junior *- This cute new generation Rubik Junior comes in 4 different designs; Puppy, Kitten, Bear and Bunny. The Rubik Junior is aimed at children as young as 4. It helps with logical thinking and problem solving . It is great to travel with as it is small enough to fit in a bag so your child has something to fiddle with at home or on the go. Available from Argos, Smyths and Toys R Us – £9.99

  • Woofy Whoops game* – This doggy themed game comes with a digital twist. Spin Woofy then if he lands on you, pat him as many times as he barks. You maybe unlucky though if you have the last pat Woofy won’t be able to hold his wee in anymore and you will be sprayed with water. The digital twist means you can record the laugh out moment in slow motion so they will never forget the moment! Available from Smyths – £19.99

  • Disney Cuddly Characters – These cuddly characters are available exclusively from the Disney Store. There are many different characters to choose from and they are all able to be personalised. The perfect gift for any Disney lover!

  • The adventures of Jenny and Philip – The naughtiest girl in the world book* – Every child loves to read and it is great to help bonding. The books features a little girl called Jenny; a strong female character and her pet cat, Philip. They are based in Yorkshire and the book follows them on their adventures and touches on a number of issues affecting children from all around the world. Available from Amazon – £6.67

  • Dressing up – To say dressing up does seem a bit vague but it not only is it great fun for children, it also encourages your child to develop an imagination. Dressing up sets are available from most shops and come in hundreds of options . It is also great for both boys and girls!

For Parents! 

  • Livvy and Rose Handbag* – Every woman loves a good handbag, Livvy and Rose has a great selection of beautiful handbags to choose from as well as scarves and jewellery. I have a gorgeous white Miss Lulu slouchy bag from Livvy and Rose. It is a great size, I can fit my notebooks, diary, purse, tablet and many other bits and pieces I may need in the slouchy bag. Their variety of products means their website has something for every woman in your life, whether it is your mum, sister, wife or Nan. You really need to check them out! Miss Lulu slouchy bag – £20

  • XO Balm* – XO Balm is a multi purpose balm. It is a natural treatment for irritated, dry and sensitive skin. XO Balm can be used on loads of different areas of the body including lips, hands, feet, body and hair. To help avoid sensitivity XO Balm is free from preservatives, Sulphates and fragrances. It has 4 ingredients that all contribute to it’s amazing benefits; Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Olive Oil and Chia Seed Oil. All of these ingredients together make a unique blend of hydration, protection, relief and nourishment. Great for any beauty addict! Available from and Amazon – £12.50

  • Smart Watch – If you or someone you know loves to be organised then a smart watch is a great gift! It is a great alternative to the traditional watch but with smart features such as games, text receiving, call making and activity tracking. Wrapped up with a watch holder this makes one great gift!

  • Accentuate game* – This is the perfect Christmas family get together game. Accentuate is a hilariously funny guess the film party game. It features 90 different quotes from some of the best movies. You pick a movie quote card then read it out loud in a selected accent from the accent pack of cards. There are 30 different accents from all around the world including 10 which are British accents. Available from Argos and John Lewis – £19.99

Disclaimer – All products with * were sent to me in exchange for a place in my gift guide

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