What’s your favouite family movie?!  

I am a huge lover of Disney films. Like HUGE! They are the perfect movies to watch on a day or night in with the family. They are great for everyone and the variety of films means there is something for everyone to watch!

I was wondering the other day what other families favorite movies were, so I asked some fellow bloggers the question and this is what they said:

  • Goonies – It’s just got everything – treasure, baddies, adventure, heroes. It’s such an awesome, feel good movie. ‘HEY YOU GUYS!’ – The SML Diet
  • I like Moana. It’s funny for me to watch and my daughters love the songs and the characters. Plus it has a little Disney magic which is always a win for me. – Winnettes  
  • All of the Chevy Chase movies. I don’t know why, we watched them a lot when i was little and they bring back nice memories. He’s hilarious though. – Captain Bobcat
  • The Little Princess – It’s so full of magic, imagination and wonder. It never fails to make me cry either! – Me, Him, the Dog and a Baby! 
  • The Labyrinth! By far my favorite film of all time! The songs are amazing, the story is wonderful and the characters are charming. My eldest loves it! – Gee Gardner 
  • Toy Story. Something for everyone! – Yammy Mommy 
  • The original Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It’s a great watch now as it was when I was a child – Over 40 and a Mum to one  
  • It’s brand new but I LOVED Paddington 2! Something for everyone, cannot fault it. Made me laugh really hard and even my two year old was spellbound through the whole thing! Will definitely be buying the DVD when it comes out. – Whinge Whinge Wine
  • Adams Family – I think it’s the right amount of scary for the little one that they love it! They love the fact they are weird and want to kill each other yet are totally family orientated! – Country Heart and Home 
  • For us, it has to be either the original Jungle Book or the new version. A great story and lots of classic Disney songs in the original, it’s our go-to family film! Who doesn’t love to boogie to the Bare Necessities? – Battle Mum 

What is your favorite family movie?! Comment below!

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