Infinite Mommy  Breastfeeding cover – Bringing  me confidence in breastfeeding in public!

We live in a society where it is now more popular than ever to breastfeed. While more woman are choosing to breastfeed there does seem to be a slight increase in seeing more woman being publicly ‘shamed’ for breastfeeding out and about.

Personally with Elsa I only feed her myself for a couple of week as I found it very difficult because of this I was even more determined to breastfeed Cleo for longer.

My biggest fear however was and still slighty is feeding her in a busy public place. You see all over the news and social media about woman being breastfeeding shamed. While I was looking though my social media feed I came across something that I thought would help solve my anxiety over feeding out of the house.

Introducing the Infinite Mommy breastfeeding cover

These beautiful well made covers come in many colour options and come with the added luxury of an adjustable leather neck strap. They are structured meaning you don’t have to worry about anything being over your baby’s face. I have been using my Infinite Mommy cover now for the past couple of weeks and I can defiantly say it has improved my confidence . The cover has 2 pockets on the front to hold items such as your mobile phone. As for the packaging, it is beautiful! The cover comes in its own bag to keep it protected in your bag. When I received it in the post I was amazed that it had such high-end looking packaging! It would make a perfect present for any breastfeeding mummy!

As well as allowing you to comfortably breastfeed, the cover is such a sleek and stylish design. Made from Organic cotton, it is soft and is perfect for those precious bonding moments with your baby at any stage of your breastfeeding journey.

For more information or to buy, check out their website: Infinite Mommy

* We were kindly sent an Infinite Mommy breastfeeding cover in exchange for a post*

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