Need a new headboard? Want to save hundreds? DIY IT!

For a while I was looking for the perfect headboard,  the one Jonny and I currently have we brought years and years ago before Elsa was born! (We are talking over 4 years). I was searching for weeks, I just wanted the same headboard, just a new fabric. While searching for a new headboard I noticed how expensive they can be.

I spotted on a Facebook DIY page that people were upcycling their old headboard themselves using their choice of fabric. So I thought I would give it ago, I would either lose a headboard that would be thrown  anyway or save myself money!

This is what you will need!

  • Old headboard (look on second-hand sites if you haven’t got one)
  • Fabric (I picked my crushed velvet fabric up from The Range, it was around £6.50 a meter)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Pins
  • Staple gun

What to do!

  1. Clear a space on the floor big enough to lay both the fabric and the headboard down. Once you have done this then lay the fabric, pattern side down and then lay the headboard on top of it.
  2. Measure the fabric so that it can be stapled to the back of the headboard to keep the fabric in place. After you have measured the fabric cut it to the right size.
  3. Fold the fabric over the side of the headboard and pin in place.
  4. The corners are the hard part. These can be done using the same technique as wrapping a present. Fold one side over, tuck in the corner and fold the other side over keeping the corner neat and in place. Pin the fabric to stop it from moving when the fabric is pulled tight.
  5. Once you have completed this for all four corners and all the fabric is pinned and in place.  Then you are ready to staple it. BE CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS!
  6. You can remove the pins as soon as you are sure that the fabric isn’t going to move.
  7. Stand your headboard up and admire our work!

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