So you have a sibling with Down Syndrome? – Starter guide to T21

So you have a sibling with Down Syndrome? Or maybe you’re due one? or maybe you’re just intrigued to know what it is like?

Now I’m not going to sugar coat this because I’m not Willy Wonka and this isn’t a pity party so get ready for the facts.

Already I have made this sound like this is going to be a serious post, trust me it’s not.

  1. People will believe that your sibling is/will be a burden on you. Some people do seem to think that they will hold you back and some how stop you from achieving and distract you. In my case Rory hasn’t done this if anything he has helped me achieve!
  2. You’ll be left with your sibling when your parents peg it (die if aren’t aware of what that means!) This one always makes me laugh a little inside, I didn’t realise that as soon as my parents are gone then I don’t have any interacting with any of my other siblings. I mean I’m going to be left with all of them not just Rory!
  3. This one is slightly controversial. Rory has led me to have great opportunities. He’s like my golden ticket. I mean think about it! If I were to go to Disney land with any other sibling I would have to queue of hours, I take Rory and jackpot, front of the line!
  4. You will still go through that sibling stage of fighting and annoying each other! Yes, just because your sibling has an extra chromosome doesn’t mean they wont want to wind you up or have a play fight.
  5. They are tough cookies, not push overs and if you don’t watch it they will have a fight with you. Rory has proved his to me. He can be in a mood where all he wants to do is annoy me. By this I mean he will try to beat me up all day.
  6. They will inspire you. Sometime in a good way other times in a bad way. They might inspire you to write, like me or they might inspire you to punch someone in the face for using the dreaded ‘R’ word.
  7. One minute you will be fighting then next you will be defending your sibling from online trolls like some sort of T21 Kray twin.
  8. They will cost you a fortune. Every time I go into a shop I feel like Rory is looking at me with his puppy eyes saying ‘please buy me this, I’m your favourite.’ Often then not the item ends up in my shopping basket.

Seriously though, moments might be hard. I’ve seen Rory when he has been so ill and when she had his stoma bag but I forget that because I am there when he achieves. A happy moment over rides a bad one. The support groups are amazing and the friends you will make are even better. Your sibling may show you part of life you never thought you would see. I’ve been in the houses of parliament and protested because of my little warrior brother. Not something I ever thought I would do. I’ve won a journalism award because of something I wrote about Rory. I was never interested in writing until Rory came along and I found blogging as a way to get my voice out there!
Siblings with Down Syndrome are not a burden but more a key into a part of life we never thought we would see.


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