Gracie’s Pretties – Put a bow on it!

Gracie’s Pretties is an online based store that sells homemade pretties inspired by a little girl called Gracie. Her mummy started a shop that sells all things pretty because of Gracie’s obsession with bows.

On Gracie’s Pretties Facebook page there is a 100% 5* rating and the reviews all mention how amazing the products are. Gracie’s Pretties sells bows and clothing such as t-shirts and hoodies for both adults and children. They also offer a vinyl service meaning any item can be personalised.  Over on the Facebook page & Instagram is where the raffle & offers are posted so if you follow and like those then you will never miss anything ( I will link both below) To show you the quality of the products there are videos of individual items so you can see exactly what it is you will be getting. Gracie’s Pretties regularly showcases all their new and upcoming products, fabrics and designs. Looking over the pricing, the prices of the products are brilliant from bows starting from as little as £2.

There is everything a little girl would love for any occasion whether you are just treating them or if it is a special day such as a birthday, Christmas or something magical for an event such as a wedding or party.

Gracie’s Pretties Instagram

Gracie’s Pretties Facebook

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