My 18 things for 2018

Thank you Cassie from Lily’s Little Learners for the tag.

We all have News Years resolutions but I am going to tell you my top 18 things for 2018. These are things I want to do and achieve throughout the year.


  1. Try and ignore what others say and do what I want – A lot of people say this is one of their resolutions. You should always do things that make you happy.
  2. Up my social media game – This year I want to have a serious go at making my social media better. By the end of the year, my goal is to double my followers and likes.
  3. Write more – Even if it never gets published.
  4. Get my voice out there – There’s so much I want to say and this year I will say it
  5. Keep on advocating – This on is pretty obvious, it is what I do and this year I will be doing it more than last
  6. Make more blogger friends – The bigger the support group the better
  7. Use my time wisely – Split my time so I’m spending time doing everything I love
  8. Make more memories – Last year I took so many photos and we did so much but in 2018 I want to fit in as much as I possibly can
  9. Climb Snowden when we go on holiday to Wales
  10. Get another tattoo
  11. Have more holidays and days out
  12. Drink more gin
  13. Eat less chocolate
  14. Make our garden perfect
  15. Finish my journalism diploma
  16. Stay focused and motivated
  17. Try something new
  18. Stop  comparing myself, life and blog to other people

I  tag Welsh Mum Beauty, Bump and me Kate on thin ice and Ethan and Evelyn to write about their 18 things in 2018.


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