We tested out a stunt scooter! – Ascent Dirt Scooter from Skates.co.uk

We have been testing out and playing with the Ascent Dirt scooter from Skates that was kindly sent to us. It’s not the regular scooter that everyone knows, it is a stunt dirt scooter!

When you think of a scooter the first thing that comes to mind for me is a kiddies character scooter. The Ascent Dirt scooter is not a scooter for small kiddies. In fact it would be suitable for adults to use as well. The height (83cm from top to bottom) and weight of the scooter means that it can be used by a wide range of ages from around 10 years plus. The scooter is fitted with air-filled dirt tyres so it can be used on many different surfaces.

The handle bars of the scooter turn 360 degrees and are fitted with tough handle grips. These added features are great if you are looking to use this scooter for stunts. As well as it being made for stunts it can be used as a daily ride about scooter. It’s bright and colourful design really does draw attention to the scooter. It also comes in red and black as well as the  blue which we tested out. The deck of the scooter is covered in a colour matched grip tape. The Ascent Dirt scooter is solid and heavy-duty so I would expect it to last years and years.

We used the scooter on grass and on tarmac and it rode really well. It was tested by Reilly, Jonny and myself. We can all say that we had great fun riding it around and I am hoping to take it to the beach in the summer to see it if it is possible to ride it on sand.

Delivery from Skates was very quick. The scooter came in 3 parts but was easy to put together and it took around 5 minutes before we had it put together. The scooter is a fixed piece and is non foldable scooter and the handle bar is not adjustable.  Although the price is slightly up there when it comes to scooters, I would completely recommend it as it is very well made and you are going to get many years of fun out of it.



*Disclaimer – We were sent the Ascent Dirt scooter in blue in exchange for a review*

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