My £20 B&M challenge! – January bargain hunting!

January can be a tough month when it comes to money. It’s a long month and we have just had the big occasion that is Christmas so money can be very tight. B&M are known for their big bargains so I set myself a challenge this month.

I challenged myself to see what I could buy with £20 at my local B&M (Kings Lynn). I spent about 30 minutes in the store wondering what to buy, my first plan was baby and toddler products then home products. But after looking there was too many bargains and sale items so I then decided that my challenge would just be any items that they sell and not just a specific range.

Thanks to 2 must have Disney item I failed my challenged and my total came to £25.94 and I brought 11 items!!


Here’s what I got my hands on!

There’s a trend at the moment for light boxes, I already own one so I wanted something different and that is when I spotted this Light message box. It is a mirror that you can write on that is surrounded by LED lights. This cost £3.99 in the sale. I decided to go for more household items, B&M stock a lot of house decorations and accessories from canvases to candles. I brought 2 canvases for my living room both with quotes about loving your home and also light up, these were an amazing bargain at just £1 each! My next favourite bargain is for my kitchen but it could be placed any where. It is a chalk board with key holders and a shelf, this is so handy for your little bit and bobs as well as all those important messages that you have to remember and the best thing is was only £2.49 in the sale. B&M had a good range of handy product that only cost £1. I brought myself a new mug for my morning brew, a gorgeous scented candle and a funny slogan plaque all priced at £1. For Elsa I picked up a messy play apron, priced at £1.99 for when she is playing with paints at home or cooking with nanny and a 3 pack of sensory bouncy balls priced at £2.49.

Now to my must have Disney products that made me go slightly over my budget! B&M now stock their very own Chip mug. A must for any Beauty and the Beast fan and it was a bargain at only £3.99. I also managed to find a Mrs Potts money box! This was £5.99 and I think is worth every penny!

I am so happy with all my bargains that I picked up and I can’t see what they have next time I go in the store!


*Disclaimer – I am a B&M ambassador and was sent a voucher in exchange for this post*

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